6 Factors of the potholes on the road

The pothole repairs Perth is one of the best in the business in WA Australia. This time, we’d like to share some info with you about the factors that make the potholes appear on the road. The potholes are one of many obstacles that a driver could find on the road. The dangers of the potholes could vary from its size and depth. The wider and deeper a pothole, the more dangerous it becomes. There are 6 factors that could make the potholes.

1. There are no waterways beside the road. It is rare to find a road without its side waterways in the Australia. Unfortunately, this problem you’ll probably encounter in the outback. Not only that, the water could flood the road, it’s also could reduce the density of the road’s asphalt.
2. The poor quality of the road. Sometimes, especially in the outback Australia, you may find some road with poor quality. Whether due to the planning errors or the asphalting process does not meet the standard. Besides that, the materials of the road might not suitable for the soil condition underneath the road. This could make the potholes appear.
3. The road often to be passed by the overloaded trucks or containers. This could also make the potholes appear due to the road cannot withstand the weight of the passing overloaded vehicles.
4. A dynamic soil density. The density of the soil that is often to change will also degrade the durability of a road. Not only that cracks will appear, but also the potholes.
5. Lack of maintenance for the road. No matter how good a quality of a road is, if the local government is not maintaining it regularly, the road could be damaged and become dangerous due to the cracks and the potholes on the surface of the road. We hope this info could give you more knowledge about the road condition.

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