How to Avoid from Having a Bad Breath Odor

Hello everyone, did you ever have breath odor problem? If you have, then The Dentist San Francisco can share some info with you about some things that causing your breath odor. A fresh and healthy breath is a very important issue. Because it can disturb your social life with friends, families, and co-workers if you have a bad breath odor. So right now we like to share with you about the cause of breath odor.

First, you may want to improve the way you do your dental care. Maybe change your toothbrush, start using a tongue scrapper, and you may also need to visit a dentist once every six months. Second, maybe you need to drink more water. Because a minor dehydration can cause your breath odor gone wild. And finally, you may want to choose some food that will not cause your mouth become very stink. You can start by eating more fruits and vegetables.

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