Steps to get ibogaine from another country

With a population of less than 5 million, Costa Rica has many drug addictions. With the region located between North America and South America make Costa Rica become a lucrative market for drug traffickers. Not only adults but also the children who are still in school consumed those harmful drugs. The government does not want their future generations damaged by narcotics or other addictive substances. Therefore, the presidents of Costa Rica permit the use of ibogaine. To get iboga costa rica is easy because we do not need the recipe from doctors but we have to undergo a series of treatments to leave the habit. If the immigrants want to buy ibogaine from Costa Rica, they have got a referral letter from their countries embassy. The government of Costa Rica does not ibogaine abuse and cause harm to their country. If you want to go to Costa Rica and want to cure your habit of consuming the drugs, you can get a referral letter from your embassy.

There are some steps that you should do before making a request to the embassy. First, you must have an evidence that you are active drug users. You can get it from National Narcotics Agency of your country and do some test. If the result is declared you are positive use a certain kind of drug, you can ask the letter statement and make it as an evidence. Then, you have to check your condition to the doctors because they can give you another referral. If you have got referrals from both institutions, you can give it to your embassy and ask a referral to buy ibogaine. If you do not have a permission from your embassy and you can give an evidence it to ibogaine center, you can not buy ibogaine or do the treatment there.

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