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How to share creative photos and video on Instagram

Instagram allows users to follow accounts and liked the photos of other users. Two of them that makes its look or considered ‘well known’ by the public. If you want to become famous in Instagram, do not worry. You can be a famous Instagram account with improving quality, developing the Instagram community, and learn to tell a story through pictures that you upload. Or the instant ways is buying follower. Where to buy Instagram followers safe? To get the answer you can visit our website.

In this article, we will discuss how to share photos and video creative on Instagram

1. Recognize filters Instagram photos
Be professional users, take several different types of photos and use filters that available. Note the effect produced by these filters (eg. Whether photographs taken in dim places can appear lighter or a certain color depth increases). First, review your photos in all of the available filters before finding the right filter. The use of colors and the same effect on almost all of uploaded photos is a great way to develop aesthetic. The use of too many different filters can make your profile look messy. Take a look at the hashtag “#nofilter” as an example. Some users prefer not to use a filter to the natural beauty of the photos uploaded can be highlighted.

2. Take lots of photos, but only upload photos that most good.
You do not always get the best picture on the first capture so make sure you take some photos and choose the best photos to upload. Just upload the best photo for pictures of the most creative that will keep your followers remain interested and are interested in following your profile. Just as in ordinary photography (using a camera), on Instagram photography you need to remember the people can do something if they get used to. Your photography skills will develop with frequent you use Instagram and try new things.

3. Add ingenious, creative, and relevant captions to the photos and videos that you uploaded.
Remarks can be humorous or what it is. You can make a statement that seemed relaxed, but still informative.