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Water that can be used by human

Plumbing system is the part that can not be separated from the building, therefore the planning of the plumbing system must be carried out simultaneously and in accordance with the stages of the building design. If you need any help your your plumbing system, contact our Plumber Columbia SC.

In order for the water supply system in the building (plumbing drinking water) can work optimally it needs to meet several requirements including:
a. Terms of quality:
Drinking water that taken to the building or into the drinking water plumbing systems must qualify as quality drinking water, in accordance with government regulations. In this case, the Department of Health.

This requirement is called the condition of drinking water quality
The terms of the quality of drinking water are:
– Physical Requirements: clear, colourless, tasteless, odourless, and cool (temperature below room temperature).
– Terms of chemistry: water containing chemicals or minerals to a certain degree.
– Bacteriological requirements: water should not contain pathogenic bacteria. In building the drinking water used for various purposes that support the activities of its inhabitants, such as the need for cooking, bathing, drinking, washing, toilet flush, watering plants, swimming pools, and so on.

b. Terms of quantity:
Drinking water taken into the building or into the drinking water plumbing systems must be the eligible quantity of drinking water. The drinking water supply capacity should be sufficient variety of drinking water needs in the building. To calculate the amount of water consumption in buildings is based on this following things:
– The number of occupants of buildings, both permanent and non-permanent.
– Unit load plumbing tool
– The floor area of the building
Calculation of water demand based on the building floor is only used to determine the water needs during the pre-draft.