The condom therapy

buy condoms online – Sometimes we had the difficulties to find the suitable condom for ourselves. There are several tips on how to choose a condom on the internet. That’s why it’s recommended for us to use the various condom brands and determine on which one that’s suitable for you.

A condom is also beneficial for a therapy (condom therapy) for the infertility couple that caused by the anti-sperm, that’s considered as one of the factors of the egg cells (ovum) fertilization failure in the woman body.

For the couple who don’t have a child yet, that could be caused by the humoral or cellular immune system has been formed. If they don’t want to use the contraception method, from the immunologist point of view, the best method is the condom. Besides this method is really “prevent” the fertilization, it also prevents the contact between the man’s and the woman’s immune system. A therapy that is capable of handling this immune respond is the condom therapy.

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