The term in fishing

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There are many fishing techniques, including casting, popping, jigging and trolling. The fourth technique is usually applied in the open seas.
1. Casting is a fishing technique by throwing a hook with artificial bait (lure). After a while, the bait is pulled slowly so it seemed to sway. The fish will think it is the prey and begin to bite.

2. Popping is a fishing technique using artificial bait called pooper. At a certain distance, the bait is pulled so that it moves in the waterline while inflicting splash inviting predators. This technique is usually used to fish surface.

3. Jigging is fishing techniques using jigs. Typically used for trout fishing to the base. Hook left until close to the bottom of the water and retractable to fish closer.

4. Trolling is a fishing technique on a boat that is moving forward at a certain speed. Kail was thrown into the back of the boat so the bait is dragged corresponding forward movement of the ship.

That’s just part of fishing techniques that exist, there are much more techniques in fishing. Art dispensing feed also is what determines success in fishing. It sounds difficult and complex if we mention again that in addition to mastery of technique and choice of bait, fishing also requires the right equipment for the environment and specific targets anyway

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